1.  Twitter is an extremely effective tool for telling a story in real time. Journalists who do not have the time to file an extended piece about a breaking story can easily arrive on the scene and put out short sentences about what they are hearing and seeing. This has been very effective in crowded or dangerous situations where one doesn’t have the resources to set up a broadcast segment or the time and means to conduct detailed research for a written piece. It is also an extremely useful way to find out what the current conversation trends and public opinions are. Twitter is an excellent way to reach out to sources and have them point you in the direction of stories. These don’t have to be people you know or contacts cultivated over a long period of time, making the opportunities endless.-Journalist can explore blogs or microsites and the comments they receive for story ideas. Subscribing to individual blogs about topics or areas mean reporters can remain updated as soon as there is a new blog post or piece of news that comes through.-Facebook is a great way for promoting your personal brand. Through your Facebook page, you can link up with other journalists, get access to content and press releases of major companies and look up sources very easily. It is also a great way to get a feel for the hot topics of the day and to analyse what kind of content gets shared or goes viral.
  2. Sample tweets: from @obakhtar

Setting out to cover religious organizations in Brooklyn. Whats a good place to start? What do you think most reporters miss?

World renowned? RT@Reuters World renowned computer hacker @KevinMitnick shows us how NewsOTWorld may have hacked voicemails

New Brunswick, NJ is shutdown. All roads leading to it are blocked #Irene #NJTransit

This article probably best explains the current situation with public transport in the tri-state area.

Great piece in @NewYorker about global warming and its link to our current weather disasters.

No news yet on the MTA website about when they will resume service. Hope things get going by tomw morning #irene

Piscataway, NJ: Luckily the trees are holding steady here. So is the power. #irene

Link to some of my work at Columbia Journalism School. Writers and Photographers, your input is greatly valued

Saw a raccoon going thru trash in NYC. According to Public Safety at Columbia, he was probably an identity thief.

In the space of one evening, I have created accounts on Soundcloud, Vimeo, LinkedIn and WordPress. Internet. You have been warned.

 3.Journalists on Twitter:

Nic Roberston @NicRoberstonCNN, CNN International Correspondent.

Followed him because of his tracking down of Lockerbie bomber Al-Megrahi and his superb reporting from the Middle East, especially Libya.

 Ezra Klein @ezraklein, Washington Post Columnist

An entertaining writer on domestic policy and economics which I hope to cover myself.

 Matt Taibbi @mtaibbi

A very outspoken and controversial journalist who has written some of the best long form pieces for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Chuck Holmes @chuckatnpr

A very diligent and generous editor at NPR who’s page has a constant feed of links and quotes from other journalists.

Jonah Weiner @jonahweiner

NY Times and Rolling Stone Magazine contributor which is almost my dream combination, plus he’s based in Brooklyn which is helpful for my beat.

4. Now that I am in J-School I plan to change my Facebook presence in a number of ways. I plan to set up my own Facebook page, other than my profile where I can post all the news articles or multimedia pieces that I produce as a journalist. Further more I can use Facebook not just to reach out to other journalists but also observe what kind of news stories are being shared most and what kind of multimedia work really has an impact on people. I would imagine my outward profile and appearance to be a lot more professional and relevant to my work as a journalist. I can use this space not only to get real feedback on my work but also to post articles by other journalists and use the space to critique their work as well as gauge what people like about it.


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