Data Journalism Critique: Wk 9

In this interactive graph, we see a comparison of countries and how they perform when it comes to low-carbon competitiveness. Initially this is a confusing concept. When we see anything to do with carbon on a map, we’re usually expecting to see a comparison of carbon emissions, but over here we’re seeing something that runs in the exact opposite direction. This graph (or rather series of mini graphs) represents the ‘score’ of each country when it comes to being ready for a low-carbon environment. This overall score is made up of three variables, early preparedness, sectoral composition and future prosperity although the immediate link between all these factors and the score is not easily established.

If we click on each country, we get to zoom in on their score graph and see how it has improved over the years. It is also helpful to have a little note at the top that gives us some background to why the country is performing as it did.

In the individual score graph, while the blue line representing the overall score is quite visible, the lines representing the other factors are too thin and the colors to close to each other, making them virtually indistinguishable.

As a snapshot of countries doing the most for low-carbon environments, this graph works well with it’s elegant representation, but despite the other information buried in it, it doesn’t do a very good job of explaining anything else.


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