Data Reading: Week 10

The reading for this week focuses on Interactive Design, a concept we’ll have to keep in mind while designing how our web pages interact with users.

The reading talks about the different kinds of interactions, between humans, humans and machines and how they al overlap to varying degrees in interactive design.  It also stresses heavily on the process of coming up with a design, discussing prototypes, testing initial ideas and learning to adapt.

Several principles are also discussed including “conservation of complexity” which places the burden of dealing with complexity on the designer/engineer rather than the user and the “poka-yoke” principal which minimizes user error by creating a set of conditions that have to be met before the product can be used.

The factors contributing to a good design are also listed, including trustworthiness, appropriateness for the culture of the user,  intuitiveness and a pleasurable experience.

There is also a discussion on how the physical attributes of a design contribute to its ‘persona’ and relatability.  Many of the most iconic designs and forms we have come to accept came through years and years of generational testing and acceptance.


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